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Patient Testimonials

We LOVE hearing from our patients, here are just a few reviews from some satisfied customers:

"Had a wonderful experience this morning at your office. I am looking forward to using you all for all of my future dental needs." Thanks, Derek

"I am very satisfied with the service we received. Such luxury and comfort. Thank you!"

"So far so good with my teeth (or absence of). I had 4 fillings done, a temporary crown put on my tooth that I had the root canal on Wednesday, and all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Harshberger at Advanced Dental Comfort is AMAZING!"


"Growing up I had bad teeth, but now as an adult, I have gotten compliments about how nice they look. I never liked going to the dentist until I found you guys. You made me feel comfortable. Working on my teeth was a long process. I thought I would go through a lot of pain, but I didn't. It was ALL worth it. I'm not afraid to smile or laugh anymore. I LOVE MY TEETH. I have recommended you to all of my friends, family and co-workers. You are like family to me."

Miss You
K. Morehouse

"Words cannot express what a difference sedation dentistry had made for me. Using sedation, so removed the fear of dental work from me that I was motivated after my treatment at Alabama Famiy Dental to go on and get much needed orthodontic treatment! What a relief to know that my smile is healthy! I also want to thank everyone on the staff for your care and understanding during my treatment. You guys are the best."

A heartfelt thank you,

"I use to hate going to the dentist until I started visiting you guys. I can't say I wake up every morning wishing I was going to the dentist, but at least I don't dread it anymore. Thank you for being so great."

Thanks again,

"I first heard of Alabama Family Dental in my car…listening to the radio. They advertised exactly what I was searching for in a dentist. Getting my teeth fixed in an efficient manner and without pain!! I felt at home the instant I walked in the office. Everyone is SOO friendly and professional. They wanted to hear my expectations and explain what they could do for me. I actually enjoyed going to the dentist for the first time that I could ever remember! The sedation was what I needed since I have such a fear of the dentist. It was worth the drive from Pensacola and would recommend this office to those that have my fear since it's very relaxing and everyone from the front office staff to the dentist is great! Thanks to them, I now have a smile I can be proud of and show off!"

C. Nettles
P.S. Miss you guys!

"Due to early childhood drama in the dentist office, I developed a strong fear of any and everything related to going to the dentist. I went for many years without getting any treatment and one day I heard an ad on the radio about sedation dentistry with Alabama Family Dental. I immediately contacted their office and followed through with several visits and about three sedation experiences that were fabulous and the best thing I have ever done. They put me at ease and were totally professional. I would like to thank them for being so patient and for taking such good care of me."